Air Pacific and the Mamanuca Environment Society (“MES”) have announced a new partnership aimed at funding the environmental organisation’s core activities.

Air Pacific has already begun its F$20,000 annual contributions to assist the Society’s efforts to preserve the environment and promote environmental awareness through school and community programs that will preserve the pristine natural beauty of the Mamanucas and surrounding islands.

“We all have a stake in preserving Fiji’s pristine beauty, and we are pleased to support the important work the Mamanuca Environment Society is doing in this regard.

Throughout the Mamanucas and Western VitiLevu, the organization’s outstanding efforts extend from our beaches and oceans into island schools and communities” said Dave Pflieger, Air Pacific’s Managing Director and CEO.

Mr. Pflieger noted that in addition to raising much needed awareness on conservation, the MES does great work in helping clean up the islands as well as contribute and work on turtle conservation, the removal of the damaging Crown-of-Thorns starfish, coral restoration, Reef Check surveys, and waste management projects.

Betani Salusalu of the Mamanuca Environment Society applauded the airline’s commitment to conservation and the environment.

“By lending this support, Air Pacific has again demonstrated its commitment to our home & Fiji’s environment. We will use the annual grant to fund our core activities which will ensure locals and visitors alike can continue to enjoy the pristine natural environment that our islands are famous for,” he noted. “Such support by Fiji’s national airline and that of our existing partners and resorts from the area will no doubt help us achieve our goals. Our approach to conservation is tailored – we put a lot of thought and care into protecting the stunning marine and terrestrial environment of the Mamanuca Islands and the Western Division of Fiji’s main island.”