A youth group from Ono District in Kadavu assisted Solevu village in establishing its first  agroforestry plot. The group was visiting the Mamanuca Islands for the first time to strengthen traditional ties and was grateful to be part of the village Yaubula Management Support Team initiative.

The village team approached the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture and both ministries showed their support and provided 600 fruiting and natives trees to the programme.  The stock included species of ironwood, sandalwood, citrus, passion fruit, soursop, cinnamon and guava and send their field staff to assist in the planting program.

According to Solevu Yaubula Management Support Team Chairman, Mr Maika Nasilasila, the program aims to support the on-going reforestation.

“This long-term dry forest restoration program plays important roles to the region as whole. It directly supports the critically endangered Fijian crested iguana and other biodiversity of Malolo Levu, combating climate change issues, support our tourism operators and importantly enhance community livelihood for the present and future generation”, he added.

We also interviewed Josaia Vasu, a representative from the Ono Youth Group, who highlighted that he wanted to share the local concept of establishing and maintaining agroforestry plot that is used in his home village and also emphasise on sustainable land use management for a healthier ocean resources.

“We should take ownership of our God given environment and maintain it, for our future generation” said Josaia Vasu, a youth from Ono District

Ilisapeci Sokidi, MES Project Officer, highlighted in her presentation that it is important that our younger generation are taught on the significant roles of the forest ecosystem that directly protects existing watershed and the endangered island biodiversity.

 The Mamanuca Environment Society would like to acknowledge the continuous assistance of line ministries though community awareness programs, provision of plant saplings and in recognising small scale committee efforts in promoting conversation programs in island communities.